All About Chimney Caps

single-flue-cap-fireplace-service-company-fort-payne-ALIf you have a chimney, you have to put a lid on it. There are a couple of ways to cap it—one being a top-mounted damper, the other being a chimney cap. The cap fastens to the top of the chimney flue and is surrounded by a metal mesh screen that keeps nesting birds, animals, leaves, and other debris out of your chimney. A cap also helps keep wayward embers inside your chimney while allowing smoke and toxic gases to freely vent. Most important of all, your chimney cap will keep rain, snow, and sleet out of your chimney.

It’s important to have a professional install your cap so that it works the way the manufacturer intended. In business since 1981, The Fireplace Service Company has installed and custom-fit more chimney caps than we can count. So, if you live in or near Fort Payne, Alabama, Chattanooga, Tennessee, or Rome, Georgia, you can count on us to install your cap correctly and maximize the lifespan of your chimney and home.

Does My Chimney Need A Cap?

Yes, every chimney needs to be capped. A chimney without a cap is not unlike a house without a roof. Were you to just allow the rainwater to fall into the flue, the resulting water damage would extend not only to your chimney but to the walls, ceilings, and floors around your chimney.

A cap will also keep birds and critters from calling your chimney home, as they are apt to do (in the winter months especially) when the chimney seems as dry, safe, and warm a place as any. As you can imagine, when birds and squirrels nest in your chimney, plenty of racket results. We’ve had many homeowners tell tales of how the sounds of tweeting and tittering, scampering and rustling reach into their living space. Of course, the smell when one of these animals passes away is not pleasant either. Furthermore, these nests hamper proper venting, which detract from your heating appliance’s efficiency. When nests accumulate, your chimney may begin to backdraft into your living space, causing smoke, soot damage, and carbon monoxide poisoning.

Types Of Chimney Caps

copper-hip-ridge-fireplace-service-company-fort-payne-ALThe shape of your chimney flue—square, round, or rectangle—will help determine what type of cap you need. No matter what type of liner (terracotta or metal), what size or shape flue, there’s a cap available for your chimney. The Fireplace Service Company provides our customers with the finest chimney caps available today. We have them in stainless steel or copper, and all come with lifetime warranties. We carry basic models, as well as handsome, high-end caps that really do contribute to your home’s curb appeal.

Do you need a chimney cap? Call the chimney experts at The Fireplace Service Company. This is a relatively inexpensive addition to your home that has the potential to save you thousands of dollars. Call (256) 845-9814 for more information or click here to schedule your appointment!


A top-mounted damper can go a long way toward saving energy and creating a better-burning fire. Talk to us to see if you could benefit from this service for your chimney and fireplace.

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