Why Chimney Inspections Are Important

The condition of your chimney is of great importance for the safety of your home and the well-being of your family. Though it’s important to keep your chimney’s brick and mortar in good condition so that rainwater can’t get in, the inside of your chimney is the part that gets grimy with creosote and that must be kept watertight and in especially good condition. And though you can eyeball your chimney’s masonry from the ground up, the majority of your chimney—its interior—can’t easily be viewed. That’s where a chimney technician and his special tools come in.

At The Fireplace Service Company, we conduct countless inspections each year in the greater Fort Payne, Alabama area. This is something we’ve been doing in the community since 1981. And though no two chimneys are alike, our inspections follow a very specific course of action outlined by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) so that every necessary inch of every chimney is inspected. Based on your chimney and your situation—for example, you’ve recently moved or have experienced a catastrophic weather event—we will conduct one of three levels of chimney inspections.

Types Of Chimney Inspections

In 2000, the NFPA released its recommendations for three levels of chimney inspections; these guidelines were quickly picked up by the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) and have since been used industry-wide by any chimney sweep company worth its salt. We never recommend hiring a chimney sweep that does not abide by the NFPA’s inspection levels or whose technicians are not CSIA-certified. It’s also wise to hire a company that’s a member of the National Chimney Sweep Guild (NCSG). The Fireplace Service Company is closely associated with each of these organizations.

Our trained technicians will determine whether you need a Level 1, Level 2, or Level 3 inspection, each more comprehensive, involved, and expansive than the next, by asking the following:

  • Has your chimney been inspected at any point in recent memory?
  • Do you plan to use your system as you have in the past?
  • Have you recently sold or transferred the property?
  • Have you experienced a chimney fire, seismic event, or major weather event?
  • Have you experienced an operation malfunction?
  • Have you changed your fuel type?
  • Have you replaced or added a heating appliance?

Each of our inspections makes use of a closed-circuit camera to get a complete view of the chimney. This footage is used by the chimney technician but is also readily available for homeowners to view. As you would imagine, this footage comes in very handy when we need to explain a problem or potential problem we’ve discovered inside a chimney.

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