Chimney Crown Repair And Replacement

The job of a chimney crown is an important one. Every chimney must have a crown to seal the top of the chimney from the edge of the flue liner to the edge of the chimney stack. The crown slopes gently downward, allowing water to run away from the chimney and onto the roof. Chimney crowns not only prevent water and debris from falling inside your chimney, but they also protect the chimney bricks and mortar below from erosion. In turn, a chimney cap is necessary for protecting the crown.

Over time, chimney crowns crack and gap for several reasons. This does not have to be the case though. If built correctly, a chimney crown can last and last; the crown repair product we use comes with a 10-year warranty. However, too often a chimney was built incorrectly in the beginning, and the crown will crack due to the thermal expansion of the flue liner as it heats and thaws. Of course Mother Nature can also take a toll on the crown, especially if the crown is not sloped correctly (if, for example, it’s allowing water to sit atop the crown, where it freezes and then thaws).

Even small cracks in the crown can create big leaks. If not repaired, these cracks can destroy the crown and eventually the entire chimney. If caught in time, a crown repair will cost you much less than a crown or chimney rebuild. If, however, the top of your chimney is completely falling apart, a simple repair is probably not going to cut it, and you may need to have your crown completely rebuilt.

Fireplace Service Company has plenty of experience repairing and rebuilding chimney crowns in and around Fort Payne, Alabama. You can trust us to document our findings with photos and to recommend only the services we feel are absolutely necessary. When our work is done, you’ll have a chimney crown that’s completely waterproofed, weather-protected, and designed to perform exactly as it should.

How We Repair Chimney Crown Damage

1. We begin by documenting the damage with photos, so we can show our findings to our customers without them having to scale their roof with us.

2. To begin the process of crown repair, we remove all loose debris from the existing crown with a wire brush. We also remove any silicone or caulking of any kind that’s been done over the years to patch problems. We want to clean as much of this area as possible. This helps us prime the surface so that the crown repair material bonds well when it’s applied.

3. If needed, we will also relay and/or replace any loose bricks, and do any necessary tuck pointing work.

4. Next, we use a trowel to apply an environmentally friendly crown coat material that fills in the hairline cracks. We smooth out the surface and cast or form it so that it slopes correctly to wick rainwater away. We also ensure that the flue liner projects above the crown by at least two inches. The waterproof membrane we apply dries within six hours and cures within 24 hours.

5. Finally, we document our completed work with photos so that we can show our customers the results.

For more information on our crown repair process, contact us today. Schedule a chimney inspection with one of our CSIA- trained and certified technicians and know for sure whether your crown is ready to take on the elements for years to come. Call us at (256) 856-9814, today!


We have years of experience with every type of chimney repair, including relining all types of chimneys. We’ll be happy to advise you whether your chimney needs relining and what your relining options are.

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