HeatShield®: A Great Alternative To Relining Your Chimney

If you’ve been told you need to reline your chimney, we say, “Hold that thought!” Before you hire someone to rip out your existing liner and install a whole new liner, you will want to consider repairing and resurfacing your existing liner. In many situations this is a great solution to a problem chimney. The technicians at The Fireplace Service Company have used a liner repair product called HeatShield ®for years now with great results. This cerfractory flue sealant addresses many common flue problems and offers an effective and economical solution to them.

We encourage our customers to seek a second opinion before having their chimney relined. There are certainly some cases when a complete relining is the best option, but many times you’ll find a chimney company pushing you in that direction simply because they have more money to make from relining versus repairing your chimney flue.

Does My Chimney Flue Need Relining Or Repairing?

If your chimney’s interior shows any of the following signs of damage, it may be a good candidate for resurfacing using the HeatShield® system, and may not require a complete relining:

  • Defective mortar joints
  • Gapping flue
  • Cracking flue
  • Spalling flue

Only a professional will be able to tell you for sure whether or not your chimney flue needs to be relined or resurfaced.

How Does HeatShield® Work?

There are two types of HeatShield® systems—one that is used specifically to repair defective mortar joints inside the chimney. This is known as the “joint repair system,” and it uses a foam applicator blade that is custom-fit to each chimney and plunged down into the chimney to fill each gap and void.

The other system, called the “resurfacing system,” is more comprehensive. It first requires a professional to apply a “tie coat” material to clean your flue of dust and to prime it. Next, the HeatShield® product is applied with a quarter-inch thickness. This process also uses a foam applicator specifically sized to your chimney, though the applicator is a plug placed at the bottom of the chimney. With this system, a winch is temporarily installed at the top of your chimney and used to crank the applicator plug up the chimney. This is called “slip casting” and allows us to create a perfectly smooth flue that is just the right size for your heating appliance. HeatShield®’s creators promise you’ll be left with a chimney that’s restored to its “original peak level of safety and efficiency.”

After using either of the HeatShield® systems, our technicians will immediately scan the chimney with a camera to verify that each gap or void has been filled and is satisfactorily repaired.

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