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gas-logs-fireplace-service-company-fort-payne-ALIf you want to convert your existing wood-burning fireplace into a gas-burning unit, you will want to look at having a gas log set put in. This is a more affordable option than installing a new fireplace or having a gas insert put in, though each of these options comes with its own set of pros and cons.

Perhaps you have already been looking online at gas logs sets. If so, you’ve probably ascertained that gas logs today aren’t like the ones you may remember from the past. The flame pattern is far more realistic, and the logs are designed to be uncannily wood-like. If you’ve been browsing logs, we are also willing to bet that you’re thoroughly confused about which kind you need, which are safe for your setup, and which are the best quality. Don’t make the mistake of ordering gas logs that are not right for you. Call the fireplace experts at The Fireplace Service Company, and we will get you all sorted out.

You can usually expect us to begin with the following questions:

1. Do you have a wood-burning or a gas-burning fireplace?

Gas logs can only be installed in wood-burning fireplaces.

2. Is your fireplace masonry, prefabricated, ventless?

These answers will help us determine which products are safe for you. If you’re not sure what kind of fireplace and/or chimney you have, we will be able to help.

3. Do you want vented or ventless logs?

Vented gas logs are burned with the damper open, while ventless gas logs are burned with the damper closed; in other words, vented gas logs require a chimney, ventless logs don’t. Ventless logs generate plenty of heat, while vented logs are not great at providing warmth.

4. Are you burning natural gas or propane?

Our fireplace experts will help you understand the differences between the two and which makes sense for your fireplace and family.

5. Would you like a remote control?

Certain gas log varieties will turn on and off with a remote control that also allows you to adjust flame height and warmth. Other log sets use a wall-mounted control or thermostat.

6. What are the measurements of your fireplace?

We will need to know the front width, back width, and depth of your firebox. If you don’t trust your own measurements, we are happy to measure for you.

7. Are there any building codes you need to be aware of?

If you hire the professionals at The Fireplace Service Company to install your gas logs, you won’t have to give any thought to codes and laws in the Fort Payne, Alabama area, as we can be counted on to take care of that for you and leave you with a unit that is efficient, properly connected, and up to code.

Want to know if gas logs are right for you? Call The Fireplace Service Company today at (256) 845-9814.


If you are considering a new fireplace, find out if installing a gas fireplace is the best option for you and your family.

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