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Granite and marble are today’s top choices for kitchen countertops. We have also seen these natural stone materials become the most luxurious option for fireplace mantels and fireplace surrounds. And it’s obvious why everyone is so in love with these stone materials! Granite and marble have the power to really anchor a living space and set a tone — not to mention that the natural sheen of these stones plays so nicely with the flickering flames of a fireplace.

Speaking of kitchen countertops, you may even choose to match your mantle and/or surround to your countertops. This can help tie your spaces together, especially if yours is an open floor plan. You can have the marble or granite cut in one custom slab, or you may choose to use marble tiles. You may like the idea of combining ceramic tile work with marble. You may also choose to pair a wood mantel with a marble surround or vice versa. We can also create custom hearths made of rock facing.

The options are nearly endless for hearth design, as long as you hire a professional to install your hearth and pay attention to safety codes and clearances.

If you have a photo of a fireplace you like, The Fireplace Service Company can recreate it for you. Even if your vision for your hearth lives only in your mind, we’ll do everything in our power to bring it to life for you.

What Are Granite And Marble? And Where Do They Come From?

Granite is an igneous rock that’s formed over millions of years. It has a granular texture that is polished to a shine after being cut. Granite is actually a combination of interlocking minerals, usually feldspar, quartz, and mica, and is nearly always found in massive quantities. Marble, meanwhile, is a metamorphic rock made of metamorphosed limestone, found most often in mountainous areas. Marble has been used for sculptures since classical times, though it is now primarily used for construction purposes.

Granite and marble come in a variety of colors, from subdued to statement-making, each with one-of-a-kind markings. From soft white with gray veins to rich, dark, marbled brown and black, your fireplace mantel and surround can complement your décor and do wonders to elevate your space.

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Our fireplace sales crew often recommends rock facing to get the look of a real stone fireplace but without the weight and the expense. Ask us for more details.

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