Is a Gas Fireplace Insert Right For My Home?

insert-fireplace-service-company-fort-payne-ALA gas fireplace insert is a great solution for a homeowner who has an existing wood-burning fireplace—whether it be masonry or prefabricated—that they would like to retrofit for use as a gas fireplace. Gas inserts are far more convenient and efficient than wood-burning appliances, and they provide clean air, with very little pollution or smoke. They also create steady and realistic-looking flames, and are versatile in that they can be either vented (with a chimney) or ventless (without a chimney).

Oftentimes homeowners complain to us that they can’t use their existing fireplace because it’s old and drafty or zero clearance. Plus, they don’t like how high maintenance wood-burning fireplaces can be. When this is the case, the fireplace technicians at The Fireplace Service Company often recommend the installation of a gas insert into the existing firebox.

Want to know more about gas inserts? Read on, or call The Fireplace Service Company today. We are happy to help you figure out what type of fireplace will best suit your needs.

Efficiency And Convenience

gas-inser-fireplace-service-company-fort-payne-ALThere are many advantages to using a gas fireplace insert. If you go the gas-heating route, you will never again have to chop or haul logs, scoop burning ash and embers, or schedule annual chimney sweepings. As an added bonus, a gas insert can actually serve as a great source of warmth and can improve your heating efficiency – giving you a warmer, cozier home at a noticeably lower cost.

You’ll also find gas inserts to be incredibly convenient, as many models turn on and off with a remote control. This same control can be used to adjust flame height and heat. Inserts allow our customers in and around Fort Payne, Alabama to enjoy consistent and easily controllable heat that’s available even during a power outage.

Gas Insert Options

Today’s gas inserts come in a large variety of dimensions and styles, with varied heating capabilities and a pretty wide price range, too. We’ve installed diminutive inserts in tiny firebox openings, and we’ve installed great big statement-making inserts in larger hearths. We have installed elegant, modern units, and rustic units that offer plenty of old-world charm. We have units that appear to be burning real logs, while others have flames dancing on glass chips or decorative stones.

gas-fireplace-service-company-fort-payne-ALIn our showroom, you will find glass fireplace doors and accessories to complement your new gas insert. We also build wood and natural stone mantels and hearths, and can be counted on to maintain and service your insert and/or chimney over the years.

In addition to gas inserts, The Fireplace Service Company installs new, built-in gas fireplaces and log sets. Whatever you’re in the market for, we can help! Call (256) 845-9814 to discuss your next purchase with the professionals!


Wood-burning inserts are also available. Give us a call and find out what insert type works best for you .

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