Fireplaces Get The Look Of Real Stone With Rock Facing

Once upon a time, all hearths were made of heavy brick or stone. Now there are far more variations in hearth design—from high end (think marble and granite mantels and surrounds) to more affordable. One of the more affordable options we love to tell our customers about is rock facing or stone facing, which is an artificial stone made to look just like the real thing. Now, there were some earlier versions of rock facing that looked blatantly fake, but you will find that newer versions look very real.

Stone facing is a great option for homeowners who want the look of real stone without all the cost and hassle. The thing about real bricks and stone is that they are very heavy and need to be supported architecturally. Adding brick or stonework is especially difficult if a home has already been built. That’s where artificial stone products come in — and the results are nothing short of stunning.

Rock facing works in both new construction homes and older homes. It also works to cover up existing brick hearths or to create a more dramatic hearth. Stone facing can be used indoors or out and in combination with other materials—such as a wood mantel—and can be used around any type of heating appliance—gas or wood-burning, stove or fireplace. It can be used in small quantities, or it can be used to create a spectacular hearth that is 20 feet in height. There’s also a product called brick veneer, which is actually just a thin brick that can be used decoratively, much like you would use tile.

What Is Rock Facing?

Rock facing or stone facing is an artificial rock product that is made of cement mixed with lightweight fillers similar to pumice. This makes it easy to cut and mold, and the light weight makes it easy to apply to prepared wall surfaces.

Some types of rock facing need to be grouted, while others are laid with tight-fitting joints that require no mortar and give the appearance of being dry stacked. Most rock facing comes in pre-made panels that are manufactured to give the appearance of real stonework.

Durable and realistic-looking, rock facing can be used to create numerous looks, and can speak to styles including rustic, colonial, contemporary, old world, Tuscan, or log cabin.

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