The Benefits of Top-Mounted Dampers

Have you been noticing higher heating bills each winter? If you live in an older home with a chimney, this problem could be caused by a traditional throat damper. Unfortunately, this type of damper has several flaws. The damper is a crucial part of your fireplace and chimney system, according to the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA), because its purpose is keeping the heat inside and the cold, winter air outside of your home. This important part of your chimney system is also necessary for safety reasons. A damper plays a big role in smoke, gases, and the other byproducts of combustion exiting out of your home through the chimney. You really need a good damper to increase the energy efficiency of your home and decrease your heating bills, but what can you do with a problematic throat damper? Fireplace Service Company has some great news for you: there is another type of damper which is much more effective because it provides an airtight seal. This type of damper, which is highly preferred and recommended by our staff, is the top-mounted damper. To show you why we feel this way, we would like to tell you about the benefits of top-mounted dampers.



One of our personal favorite benefits of top-mounted dampers is that it serves two functions at once. Not only does this type of damper keep in hot air and prevent cold air from coming into your home, but a top-mounted damper can also be used as a chimney cap whenever the damper is closed. Fireplace Service Company even believes a top-mounted damper can provide better protection than an ordinary chimney cap. Top-mounted dampers are equipped with silicone rubber gaskets that seal in heat and air conditioning. This air-tight seal from the rubber gaskets also prevents water, debris, birds, squirrels, and raccoons from entering your chimney as a chimney cap should do. Whenever we have customers who are in need of a new chimney cap, we will actually suggest they go with a top-mounted damper instead of a chimney cap.


A traditional throat damper just cannot provide as good of an airtight seal as a top-mounted damper. Have you ever heard of a cold core forming inside a chimney? Without an effective damper, cold air, ice, and snow can easily get into your chimney to form a cold core which will counteract with the heating system of your house. This situation can be extremely wasteful of both energy and money. Because a top-mounted damper is located at the top of your chimney, it keeps cold air from getting inside your chimney at all. That silicone rubber gasket will seal off your entire flue and prevent a cold core from forming. Fireplace Service Company knows for certain that you will save big on heating and cooling bills as well as energy and fuel if you decide to install a top-mounted damper.


You might have to practically stick your head up your fireplace to open and close your traditional throat damper. You will never have to worry about this with a top-mounted damper. Simply access the handle to the stainless steel cable that extends from the damper to open and close it.

Are you ready for a new top-mounted damper? Contact Fireplace Service Company to learn more about how you can save money and energy this winter by installing a top-mounted damper.

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